Useful Information

Some tips to follow before making a booking


Read carefully our brochure or web-site, including the general conditions, in order to know what type of Journey or holiday you are going to purchase.


Remember a few rules and obligations for travelling with us:
  • make sure you are okay with your passport and visa (if necessary)
  • for South America and West Africa, you need an International Certificate of Vaccination against Yellow Fever
  • the age limit for travelling with us is 85 years, at the time of embarkation.
  • if you are 79 or over, you will need a doctor’s certificate stating that you are fit to travel on a cargo vessel
  • you need compulsory travel health insurance
  • 6\5 days before the estimate day of departure you have to contact our port agent to get confirmation of sailing day and information about time and place of departure
  • if you are travelling with a vehicle, make sure all documents are okay for disembarking the vehicle at the port of destination


You are travelling on board a cargo vessel. While you are of course a welcomed guest, bear in mind that the Master, the officers and the crew have to comply with their daily duty and routine to run the vessel and while in port to unload and load the cargo. The service we can provide for you, compared with pure passenger vessels, is necessarily somewhat limited. However be assured that all personnel involved will do its utmost to make you feel comfortable and happy on board the vessel.

All persons travelling on board the vessel are subject to the general discipline, safety and security rules as established by the Company and \or the Master.


There is only a limited availability of books on board, and not always in the language you are most familiar with or the type of books you enjoy reading. The suggestion is to bring you own books, plenty of them if you are on a longer journey. Include some good guide-books of the places you will visit, this helps to organize your shore leaves


The vessel you are travelling on is of comfortable size that allows safe sailing under all conditions. For your safety and comfort we suggest not wearing shoes with high wheels or beach sandals. Even in good sea conditions a sudden movement of the vessel is possible and very often the outer deck is wet.

Dressing is casual, but remembers that on our vessels there are certain unwritten rules as far as dressing is concerned. The Master, the officers and the crew appreciate when passengers too follow these rules:

  • no bathing suit or beach ware should be worn in the mess room and the lounge
  • do not enter the bridge in beach ware or bathing suit


Under the ISPS code the bridge is a restricted area, where in general access cannot be allowed. We appreciate that our passengers enjoy staying on the bridge, but please ask the Master for authorization for any visit to the bridge. Please respect the dressing code.


There are areas of the vessel where passengers are not allowed, unless previously authorized by the Master (or person designated) and accompanied by a member of the ship’s personnel: the Garage (while at sea), the Kitchen, the Engine Room and in general all working areas.


Are served in the officers’ mess. You will be informed of the meal hours for breakfast, lunch and dinner by the Master (or person designated by him). Please respect the meal hours. No meals can be served in your cabin.

Meals are prepared by a standard navy cook, and reflect the preferences and the necessities of the crew. Special diets are not possible.


Will be cleaned and made-up daily. This work is generally done in the earlier part of the morning. Please remember that the steward may only make-up you cabin if he finds it accessible. Later on during the day the steward has other duties and will not be able to clean and make-up the cabin. On some hectic days you might have to take care yourself of the cabin. Your co-operation is appreciated.


Since our vessels are Ro \Ro or Co\Ro, cabins and passenger facilities are located on decks 9 to 12 (depending on the vessel).

All our vessels have a lift. But in case of breakdown of the lift, you should be able to get up or down the stairs, that are step and narrow.


220 Volts. The plugs are of Italian standard. Bring an adaptor, if necessary.


The currency on board our vessels are:

  • €uro, on the Italian flag vessels
  • US$, on the Swedish flag vessels


Are available on board on a self service basis


The vessel is equipped with a state -of-the-art satellite telecommunications system.

  • PHONE: You can use the ph one to make calls ship-to-shore. You will have to pay for the cost of the call (remember satellite phone calls are rather costly).
  • FAX: You can ask the Master to send a fax for you. You will have to pay for the cost of phone necessary to send the message.
  • E-MAIL: You can send e-mails. No attachment is accepted. For each e-mail sent you will be charged a flat amount of 1 €uro. E-mails addressed to you on board from relatives and friends to the vessel’s e-mail address are transmitted free of charge (there should be no attachments). If you receive a message with an attachment, you will have to pay for the cost of the satellite communication.
    This can be quite expensive.
    The Company has the right to block any message addressed to passengers with an attachment.
    The use of e -mail, phone and fax is at the Master’s discretion. The vessel’s communication system is not a public one.
    The Company and the Master have no obligation to let passengers use the system. In any case Company, safety and security matters have priority.
Please note that your mobile phone will work only in ports or while sailing very close to the shore, and if your operator has a roaming agreement with a local mobile phone operator.


Are sold only in bottles or tins and are subject to being available on board. For purchases please address yourself to the cook. A price list is available on board.

For reasons of safety on the workplace, supply of alcoholic beverages to the crew is forbidden.

Therefore the vessel disposes only of very limited stock (both in quantity and in se lection) of alcoholic beverages.

Alcoholic beverage should be consumed with moderation. It is the Masters discretion to prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons that, in his sole judgment, make abuse of it.

It is not allowed to introduce on board alcoholic beverages purchased ashore.


There is a washing machine at your disposal for your personal laundry necessities.


You may take pictures on board except in the garage or other cargo areas. In some ports it is not allowed to take pictures within the boundaries of the harbour.


You will go ashore at your own responsibility.

You travel on board a cargo vessel. Ports of call, duration of calls and docking times are subject to cargo requirements. Our vessels run regular services. However there is always the possibility that a port originally included in the schedule has to be dropped, or that the vessel runs one or more days behind schedule. But this is part of the game in Freighter Cruising. Before going ashore make sure to have proper and up -dated information about the time you have to be back on board. We suggest you leave your mobile phone number with the Master (or person designated).

Herewith we are giving some basic, and hopefully useful information about going ashore.

When going ashore, in order to enjoy a safe and pleasant visit, you should note the following safety tips:

  • Beware of pickpockets who can be very clever. They often operate in pairs or more – one holding your attention while the other empties you pockets
  • Do not carry large amounts of cash. Use a money belt, if you have one, when shopping. Never carry a purse, or your wallet in your back pocket. Backpacks should be carried in the front.
  • Leave jewellery and watches safely onboard the ship, rather than wearing them ashore
  • Never leave your belongings unattended.


All persons boarding the vessel are subject to control and search

All items carried on board will be checked.


If you have any problems or you feel dissatisfied you should speak to the Master or the Chief Mate.
Whenever it is possible they will assist and help you.