Important Information

Essential information to read carefully before boarding


  • It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to have all personal and vehicle’s documentation in order for the disembarkation at the port of destination


  • All passengers have to carry their own travel insurance, covering accidents, medical assistance and repatriation. Citizens of the European Union travelling on itineraries calling only at UE ports can travel with their European Card for Medical Assistance. The Master has the right to refuse boarding to any passenger not showing this document.

General rules valid on every routes

  • We sell only cabins for exclusive use (No single berth in shared cabin).
  • Children from 2 to 11 years, 50% discount
  • We cannot accept passengers over 85 years old. Passengers 79 years old and over at time of embarkation need a medical certificate stating they are fit to travel on a cargo vessel (no doctor on board)
  • Pets are not allowed on board

Passenger embarkation and disembarkation

  • Passenger’s fares include embarkation/disembarkation taxes. Any additional cost referring immigration and custom clearance as well as expenses for transport in the port area are to be paid by the passenger on-site.

Accompanied vehicle: embarkation and disembarkation

  • Vehicle’s embarkation/disembarkation taxes as well as custom clearance and/or any other documentation’s expense are to be paid by the passenger directly at the port of arrival/departure, if required.
  • In the ports where required, the assistance of a custom broker has to be paid by the passenger on-site.

Transport of accompanied vehicles

  • The fare for accompanied vehicles include exclusively the transport on board from the port of origin to the port of destination
  • Only vehicles accompanied by the legal owner, as per car log book, can be accepted as “accompanied vehicles”. Otherwise they have to be shipped as cargo.
  • Any vehicle carrying commercial goods has to be shipped as cargo
  • Any accompanied vehicle is carried as per the terms of cargo carriage (used vehicle) which establish that the Shipping Company is not responsible for any for damage or item loss occurred. We recommend to subscrive an appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Accompanied cars with length not exceeding 5 mt and height not exceeding 1.90 are considered in V1 category
  • Accompanied cars with a total dimension (L+H) exceeding 7 mt and other type of vehicles, even if less 5 mt long, are considered as Camping-Car.(V2, V3, V4, OS category)
  • Any vehicle longer than 8,60 meters, wider than 2,40 meters, higher than 3.40 meters has to be shipped as cargo ( Except for South America service)
  • If the measures of the vehicle (over all) are different from what communicated at the time of booking, the client has to pay twice the difference in fare, directly at the port of embarkation, if the fact is noticed at the departure, or before disembarkation if it is noticed when the vehicle is already on board the vessel.

Safety and Security

  • Each person and his stuff going on board are subject to control

Currency on board

  • €uro


  • Smoking is NOT allowed inside the vessels

Alcoholic drinks - Tobacco

On board only limited stock and selection of alcoholic beverages is available
  • Alcoholic drinks should be consumed moderately on board. The Master had the faculty to limit the sales of alcoholic drinks.
  • It is not allowed to bring on board alcoholic drinks purchased ashore.
  • Cigarettes purchased ashore can be carried on board without exceeding the quantity of 10 packets (200 cigarettes) or equivalent in cigars or tobacco.


  • All the indicated itineraries can be changed at any time, even without previous notice. Calls in some ports can be cancelled.

Circular Voyage fares

  • Valid only for circular voyages without interruption.

Information, itineraries and fares are subject to change even without previous notice.

Passengers, luggage and accompanied vehicles are carried as per General Conditions of the Carrier